Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashion Week

Just recently New York, Paris, Milan fashion week had just passed. Scrolling through the beautiful outfits of street style shots, I had this outfit I'm sharing with all of you. It is important to wear a convenient outfit yet still look stylish incase any photographers or paparazzi caught a glimpse of your outfit at any times.

I wore a sabrina crop top and high waisted shorts along with a hat ( for the sun ) and a pair of wine red DocMartens. Along with this I paired it with a grey denim which I switched with a DIY Kimono in case if the weather gets too hot. I also incorporated some chokers and necklace for a grunge look because I love chokers and grunge fashion.

With millions of fashionable people around the streets, you would want to stand out within all those people so why not add some of your personal style and a seasonal item or anything that floats your boat. 

Sabrina Top: H&M
High-Waist Shorts: Topshop
Denim Outerwear: Cotton On
Kimono: DIY and fabric from H&M (was a scarf)
Chokers: LunarCult
Hat: H&M

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monochromatic Sunday

It's a fine Sunday and my holiday just started, though it'll only be for a week and I have a line of things to finish too. School is just so hectic I can't even blog that often anymore. I certainly gained some weight if you had notice and it's just so stressful. 

Anyways If you love the origami skorts, then this outfit will be one of the great ways to wear one. I went for a monochromatic look pairing this black Colorbox skort with a white halter top from 

Top: ClothInc
Skort: Colorbox
Shoes: Rubi
Bag: Pull and Bear
Choker: Luneur

Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm very sorry for rarely posting because in my school, this year for my batch would be a very busy year so please accept my apologies for this school year because I'm taking the IGCSE test. 

Anyways have you guys heard of We The Fest 2014 or WTF14? It's a music, fashion, art festival that's held for the first time at Parkiran Timur Senayan by IsmayaLive company. Now I rarely go to concerts for many reasons despite how much I like them but I had a really great urge to go to this one. (Coachella is an example of this type of festival)

My journey to look for a pal to go to WTF14 was a rough one hahaha. I ended up going with Joceline! I went at 14 30 from home and reached the location at 1630 exactly when Timeflies was about to start. I watched until Mayer Hawthorne which was at 21 00 before going home because I had school the next day while Ellie Goulding was the epic finale of this featival!! I won't ever forget the first time Miami Horror came to Indonesia for a concert, I love them :)

I did not regret going at all, the decorations and stores are all so cute! I got souvenir, merchandises and pamphlets of WTF  from the store bobobobo, the official fashion collab. Dr Martens was the official shoewear and everyone wearing Dr Martens will get free official merchandise which I got! There were two stage, Banana Palooza and Clownchella.

If any of you were wondering the ticket price range from 500k-650k depending on which presale and when did you buy and where too. The tickets all come in forms of wristbands with a supercute design! The stages were also decorated nicely and the lighting was awesome. It was very apparent that my fav fashion blogger Sonia Eryka was so close to me but I didn't even see her at all! (checkout her blogpost on WTF).

For this festival I went for an all black look though I know that would be the opposite of what people would wear but I got this super cute top from Rosbella Inc and I also got a Colorbox Origami skort that I paired with a bandeau from Forever 21. Shoes are Dr Martens Maroon 8 holes. The bird necklace I'm wearing was from Diva they were having sale so I got a bunch of things.

I hope to go to another WTF next year and I can't wait. Anyways you EDM fans could go watch Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014 ( DWP14) if interested just click the link here. Last year a lot of famous and awesome djs came and performed you can just search it on google.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

So a trip to USA and Taiwan could not be left without shopping trips and hauls can it? Well maybe for me haha not for everyone of course. 

The shopping streets of Ximending had left me wanting more and more, for those who love thrift shopping and unbranded and cheap trendy fashion items, here is the place to go! Shoes ranging from boots, heels, chunky platforms to girly pumps can be found here! Beautiful dress and chic tops, ripped pants, denim... You can find so many things!

There is one specific store that I want to recommend to you my readers! It's called Salome and the shop sells the cutest things! Clothes are imported and some are self made by the owner herself

Besides the beautiful scenery of Niagara Falls and lakes, I visited USA's biggest H&M chain store that was an entire building ( though the shop was 4 floors + 1 fitting room floor ) it was amazing. Their fitting room is so big I almost felt like a celebrity.

I also went to Forever 21 in Manhattan and what I found pretty cool was that they have a Photobooth. I didn't went in it because it would be pretty silly to go in one myself, but maybe someday I'll be in one with my friends. ( maybe ) I also visited a shop in lake tahoe which sells the cutest posters that they display along the walls and also candies and treats. They sell hershey bars but what's cool is that they had a vibtage packing that you don't see on normal hersheys. I regret not buying one of them haha.

Most of you know Urban Outfitters right? They have such fashionable items but it could be quiet costly. Nonethenless their nail polish and cute knick knacks are affordable and so I got two nail polish and a super cute single use disposable camera! They also sell special turntables with designs only they sell and cameras like polaroid and instax.