Happy Chinese New Year to everyone around the globe! I know the economy is in recession and can I just use this as a reason to wear all black to represent how the world is right now (although I'd still wear black anyway).

These days, it's just hard to decide what to do in the future and balance between what you like and what you think will be beneficial in the coming future. I'm in a phase of confusion and am ambiguous in deciding what I wan't to do in the future. Applications for Universities start this year and I'm still in a state where I know what I like but I don't know what I want to do. Therefore, everyone should think wisely when picking.

Enough of that pep talk. Here is my Chinese New Year outfit. The pictures were taken in a hurry therefore the quality isn't as pretty but you could use the outfit combination as ideas for your going out outfits!

Top: Forever 21
Culottes: The Editors Market
Shoes: Adidas 
Bag: Bershka
Necklace: Thyvintagelad
Yes I turned 17! But I felt no difference whatsoever except more responsibilities and the fact that next year is a very big year...

If you keep up with my post, you could tell that I am in love with the color black and hence my outfit for my birthday was a black on black ensemblé. Mixing my tall platforms with a leather jacket allows a casual yet still a rocker grunge feel to it, which is the style I was going for. I am obsessed with attached choker tops and dresses!

I am very sorry for the lack of post these days because school is taking a toll over me, but I will try to post more regularly. 

Wait for a very green post coming soon!

Leather jacket: Zara
Dress: Riotous The Label
Sportsbra: forever 21
Platforms: June and Julia
Finally, my exams ended but I had an unfortunate turn with my foot and now it's injured. Nevertheless, I would love to share with you my new blog that is specifically dedicated to photography. Three of my friends and I decide to run this photography blog where we could post whatever creative photoshoot we decide to do and because we are just starting it, we are our own models. We each took turns to be the model so everyone has an opportunity to learn and shoot. All the pictures were taken with a DSLR Canon or a Nikon. Enjoy and feed your eyes some weird and quirky photographs we captured.

Don't forget to check the link of our blog www.pinchmylens.weebly.com and check our Instagram.

Shot by Shelby
Nikon D5200

Shot by Christopher
Canon eos 700d

Shot by Joyi
Nikon D5000

Shot by Joyi
Nikon D5000

Shot by Christopher
Canon eos 700d
Shot by Edward
Nikon D3200

Jeans are very versatile, you could wear them with almost anything. But sometimes I want to notch my look up a bit and plain jeans just won't do it for me. So here I have a pair of skinny jeans which were on sale (obviously not denim) which I won't have a problem cutting. There are so many methods you could do this but I wen't for the simplest  one.

A pair of Jeans
Something to mark your jeans with

1. Wear your jeans and mark where you want your cuts to be. I marked mine on the middle slightly above the knee.

2. Slit it with your scissor and rip open the rest to get a raw messy look.

3. Use tweezers to pull out the vertical threads to open up and make the look even more distressed.

You can use sand paper to rub over the slits to make it look messier.

See it's very simple. The jeans I used were from cotton on and it is stretchy.

When you only see this crop top individually, you would pair it with things like jeans or a skirt which is what I did. But I'd like to try and take it a little out of the ordinary by matching it with a pair of crushed velvet purple platform booties and a holographic choker. More of something you would see as a dollskill.com outfit .  If I only wore the skirt it will give a girly look but after adding the shoes, hat and choker, I somehow manage to make it look somewhat more grunge.

P.S. The crop top has a super cute open slit back.

Top: Editors Market
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Wego ( Japan )
Shoes: Blastrcreepers
Hat: H&M